Abergower Digital

Heritage Digitisation

Welcome to Abergower Digital. We offer innovative, professional scanning and document processing and preservation services to the Australian heritage and archival community. Our 20 years of experience in providing the highest levels of service and combinations of people, skill, expertise, with the most appropriate systems and processes allows us to offer the optimum service package to our growing Australian client base. 

Our Services

Abergower Digital provide a range of document and data driven services. 


Heritage Preservation

Capture of precious source material by trained heritage professionals.

Document Scanning

We efficiently and expertly convert loose and pamphlet pages to digital content.

Oversized Scans

Capture of a range of oversized and complex items.

3D Printers

Distributing a range of Craftbot 3D printers

Photo Colourisation

Restoration and colourisation of black and white, damaged and deteriorated photos.


Collection sorting and data management.

Post Processing 

We provide a range of processing options unique to your project. 

OCR Processing

Generation of Optical Character Recognition for even the most challenging of material.

Metadata Capture

Capturing precise and definitive meta-data tags for your project. 

"Working with Robin and the team at Abergower has been a delight! We have been very fortunate to have worked with them on several time sensitive projects that were completed to perfection. Robin and the team have been responsive, friendly and professional. We are very happy with their work, and I'd recommend them (and often do!)"

Kimberley Williams

Digital Curation Specialist at the University of Sydney

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