Heritage Preservation

Abergower Digital specialises in the preservation of heritage material through digitisation. Through careful scanning we have generated digital copies of a range of materials, from 14th Century Liturgical Manuscripts, to Second World War journals, to public health posters from the A.I.D.S. epidemic. These Projects range in size from hundreds of pages to tens of millions. Utilising the latest technology combined with careful handling procedures our team of trained heritage professionals capture high quality images of almost any kind of two-dimensional or paper based object. These digital copies allow for greater access to historic texts and items in the long term. Projects can be carried out either on-site or from one of our dedicated scanning centres. We encourage all our customers to visit our centres to see the process and meet with our staff.

Our trained book handling operators work closely with our customer’s conservation team to ensure that all processes and procedures are firmly in place to ensure complete confidence in the digitising process and we closely monitor the material that is being scanned to individual page level.

Our technical team will deliver the precise metadata output for each element of the project and we can develop these to specific requirements as required.

We use the most advanced scanning systems available from the world’s leading manufactures to carefully and sympathetically convert very precious pages to digital content.

We can cover any size of document from a stamp to an oversized illustration or map. Our new range of cameras offer 50MP capability and we can output to any ppi/dpi resolution that our customers require. 

Our team of trained heritage professionals can also provide high volume collection sorting and documentation solutions, supplying advice on the best scanning methods and processes.