Metadata Capture

Many of our clients have specific and detailed requirements regarding the precise and definitive meta-data tags they want to achieve from the capture process. This, if carried out effectively, accurately and precisely will add real value, context and meaning from the material that is being digitised.

One of our key strengths in this area is our ability to work with the client to clearly define the precise meta data that needs to be captured as part of the digitisation process and use the most appropriate means to accumulate check and verify this vital information as every image is produced.

We have at our disposal automated capture, the use of integrated systems for auto validation and verification and our extensive ability to create precise scripts and programming systems that will produce the right level of embedded code to meet the most demanding standards.

This ability combined with our inherent flexibility and deep understanding of the appropriateness of correct meta data capture often totally differentiates us from our competitors in the archival world.