OCR Processing

Abergower Digital has been involved in many historical and archival projects that have required extensive use of Optical Character Recognition processing as part of the final deliverable. Applying an OCR process to scans allows a scanned document to become searchable, increasing its usability and accessibility.

In many instances where the source material  has one of the following elements OCR can be a challenging process.

  • Original material is hand written

  • Original material has been previously scanned poorly

  • Original material is in poor condition

  • Original material layout of text and data is non-standard

  • Multiple languages on the same page

  • Specialised material such as magazines and newspapers with columns and caption headings

Here, Abergower Digital uses its expertise in a number of ways to design and implement a system that will meet with the requirements of our clients.

This will often have a multiple processing approach using the most appropriate systems and processes to achieve the desired result.